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26th September 2021 

Rooted in psychoanalytic theory, psychodynamic/psychoanalytic counselling and therapy aims to help you understand your present difficulties in terms of your own unique personal history and current overall life situation; individuals from all different backgrounds can benefit from psychodynamic/psychoanalytic work. This therapy attempts to acknowledge, explore and, if appropriate change how you think about yourself and your relationships. This may involve discovering feelings and attitudes which have been unconsciously affecting your life. These feelings and attitudes may have prevented you from living your life as you would like to.

Psychodynamic/psychoanalytic therapy can be helpful to people who would like to understand themselves and their difficulties better, rather then helping them to control their symptoms. Research confirms that it can benefit individuals who are experiencing anxiety and depression; recurrent difficulties in relationships; low self esteem and feeling stuck in unhappy relationship patterns and those who have experienced childhood trauma (e.g. loss, abuse).

Although there may be a specific problem (e.g. bereavement, relationship breakdown) that brings you in to therapy, this approach may benefit anyone who feels dissatisfied and/or unhappy with their individual life circumstances.

Starting therapy

We will first arrange an initial consultation of two 50 minute sessions which are spaced no more than one week apart. This will provide an opportunity to for us to meet and to further explore your reasons for coming to therapy at this time and whether or not this is suitable for your individual needs. At this point there is no commitment to on-going work.

If you do decide to continue, together we would agree upon regular times, and day(s) on a weekly, on-going basis. Each session lasts for 50 minutes. The establishment of regularity of time and place is an important element within the therapy as it assists in creating a secure and containing structure, which is fundamental to the overall psychotherapeutic process.